Women have unique needs and concerns. Our internal makeup is one of innate sensitivity, intricate hormonal balance, and rich emotional feelings. Yet we function in multiple challenging roles as career professionals, family caregivers, and community organizers.

We yearn for medical programs that are tailor made to our individual uniqueness as women. We give so much to others, and we need somewhere to turn for real support for our own complex physical and emotional needs.
The Center for Women’s Health was developed to provide in-depth comprehensive programs for the special needs of women. Our diagnostic evaluations, laboratory work-ups, and individualized treatment programs are designed just for women. We love to help women and to see their health and vitality restored, allowing them to flourish in their own multiple roles. We like to think of it as our way of making the world a better place, one uniquely important woman at a time.

Our comprehensive treatment programs at The Center for Women’s Health address every aspect of a woman’s health needs, but may be loosely described under five main categories:

Breast Health
Bone Health
Natural Hormone Balancing
Aging Gracefully and Beautifully
Healthy for Life Weight Loss

The Center for Women's Health is a division of the Center for Occupational & Environmental Medicine. Please click here to learn about several other treatment programs and protocols which are tremendous benefit in regaining your health!