Bone loss is the second most commonly occurring health problem in women (after breast and other cancers). It is estimated that 50 percent of postmenopausal women have osteopenia, or early bone loss. Since osteoporosis does not have any outward symptoms until a fracture occurs, early diagnosis and intervention are critical.

Although a DEXA scan is valuable for measuring base line Bone Mineral Density, assessment of overall bone remodeling is possible only by comparing repeated scans.

The Center for Women’s Health offers a safe, highly accurate, very affordable test for measuring biochemical markers of bone turnover. Whenever collagen and bone are being broken down or resorbed, specific byproducts of the disintegration are found in the urine. With just one urine test, bone loss is not only identified but the severity of bone breakdown is also determined. Equally important, the effectiveness of a bone-building program can be quickly and accurately assessed, without the added risk of radiation.

The Center provides both noninvasive measurement of bone loss and a comprehensive natural bone building program, including broad-based nutritional supplementation (not just calcium and vitamin D), dietary counseling, and when necessary, natural hormone balancing. Our Bone Health Program is a safe, natural means of preventing and overcoming osteoporosis, and is up to three times more effective than currently prescribed drugs.