For women, getting older is beautiful. Life is richer, family time is more enjoyable, meaningful relationships abound, and a real zest for learning and growing takes hold. At The Center, we believe that the later years can be the best years, when women take time for their own individualized health programs. While aging may be natural, degeneration is not.

With careful medical assessment, nutritional counseling, and lifestyle changes, older women can not only overcome current health problems, but prevent severe degenerative diseases which are mistakenly associated with “old age. The Center’s bone health, breast health, weight loss, and natural hormone balancing programs can all play a role in aging gracefully and beautifully. In addition, we offer assessment and natural health support for cardiovascular, digestive, and neurocognitive function--all vital factors for quality of life. For those interested in external rejuvenation, we offer a medically formulated anti-aging skin care line.