Because a woman’s intricate hormonal balance determines how she feels, looks, and functions, hormone testing and monitoring can be essential to her aging gracefully and beautifully. The Center’s Natural Hormone Balancing Program is one of the most loved and appreciated programs we’ve offered to date.

An important part of addressing hormone balance is to accurately assess whether all the major hormones (all three forms of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA) exist in proper quantities and in proper ratios to each other. Thyroid and insulin levels are other important hormones that must be considered. Test procedures need to adequately reflect levels over time, not just the quantity of hormones circulating in the blood on one particular day. With accurate assessment of a woman’s hormonal balance, any necessary fine-tuning can be applied--always with natural, bio-identical hormones.

Typical comments received from participants in this program are: “I got my life back,” “My long-lost energy returned,” and “My mental clarity improved tremendously and my depression is gone.” Through careful assessment and use of only natural and bio-identical hormones, women can safely restore that all-important part of a woman's health--her delicate hormonal balance.